In beautiful Andalusia in southern Spain, just outside the small picturesque mountain town of Mijas, 20 km drive from Malaga airport, we have found an oasis of serenity and beauty: Molino Amici, an old renovated mill. Here are many cosy little nooks and terraces where you have the opportunity to delve into yourself, relax by the pool, enjoy the view of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, take advantage of the gym or go hiking in the beautiful scenery.

The place invites you to self-care, time for yourself and to turn inwards: It is why The Journey Within is taking palce at this beautiful place.
The Journey Within is for you who wants to cleanse on several levels, both physically and emotionally. You come down a gear, cleanse out and return home with renewed energy and a healthier and stronger body.

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We offer intensive cleansing and sensitivity/intuition training, where the participants are cleansing both physically and emotionally through guided meditations. The purpose is to cleanse on a cellular level and improve and strengthen personals skills in getting beyond pain, the “vicious”, disease, bad habits and being in contact with your own body and the inner organs, listening to them and finding your own essence.

The whole basic idea of The Journey Within is that it is based on your life and the lifestyle you live here and now. We use everything that you have in your luggage as resources. Overall, almost no matter what we have experienced so far, can be used constructively in our future.
We want to encourage and inspire the participants to harness the inherent power and take the first step to changing something in their lives and do new things.
Our aim is to give you clarity on how you are doing your best, how you feel right now and what it will take for you to get what you want both physically and emotionally.

  • It was a very nice and very instructive experience - we were really allowed to look into the interior of our organism - the experiments with the diet and the PH value were surprisingly positive - I can say that it has changed my diet for life, the pain is gone and my body is lighter. You really deserve success with your project. Peter Eilskov Svarrer
    Peter Eilskov Svarrer
    Participated May 2017
  • Thanks for a really nice week! It was absolutely amazing to see the difference in the Live Blood under the microscope from before to after !! From the state of the majority were aggregating or tired to the state where they all moved freely around, that's amazing! It was an inspirational and educational week, and I came home with good holistic tools, which I have to work with. Then we had a 10-star chef in the kitchen, whose book I look forward to it being published. We were a nice team. Alice Szelag
    Alice Szelag
    Participated May 2017
  • I got a lot  from this week on several levels. The best is the ease I have in the body and, as I also said to you, it's not about the 2 kilos I left in that week, it's a completely different kind of ease. Lone M.
    Lone M.
    Participated May 2017
  • “We got our blood analyzed on arrival and again on departure, and it was really good to be able to see evidence of how much it had changed for the beter in just 8 days. Rather than putting on 5-10 kg as you might if you went on a on a cruise or a holiday, I actually lost weight instead and considerably improved my health. It should be something we all do once a year!”
    Participated in November 2015
  • “Pernille lectured every day in conjunction with the meditations that Marian guided. It really helped us to travel to our inner selves, and examine our problems and our diseases. We learned to work with these issues and bring about change. The course was organized in such a way that each of us quietly came through processes enabling us to make our inner journeys, our meditations. When we were not working with the body or engaging in meditations we were enjoying the most amazing dishes made by Maria, consisting of a wonderfful spread of vegetables and pulses prepared in every imaginable cuisine. Everyone was so inspired by her culnary skils that to taste the food gave you such exquisite pleasure it was like listening to angels singing!”
    Participated in November 2015
  • What is the best experience you take with you from the training? “It really opened my eyes and showed me how tired I was, even my blood seemed exhausted and poorly functioning! Then after the 7 days see that the right action pays of – the improvements showed up also in the blood. If I were to choose one thing that really summed it up for me, it would be that I am now able to work towards a new me, and I have the tools to clean up the old habits and their outcomes and this gives me a much more optimistic outlook.
    Participated in November 2015
  • “A course of a lifetime!”
    Participated in November 2015

The Journey Within includes:

  • 7 nights in beautiful surroundings, in the old rustic water mill Molino Amici, near Mijas. The place itself provides a boost of vigour and energy.
  • Full board with the tastiest, organic, alkalizing food and the most delicious, freshly-squeezed vegetable juicesand smoothies that will cleanse your body and give it a well-deserved break. You will receive vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the most bio-available form. You will find that your body becomes lighter and slimmer, your skin clearer and your eyes will be both brighter and more brilliant.
  • Check-up on your live blood under the microscope at the beginning and the end of the week, to give you a picture of your inner health condition, and enable you to see the results of a one-week detox.
  • Clairvoyance first and last on the trip so we follow you on several levels where you are in your life, what you need and where we can help you.
  • Guided meditations that will lead you through your inner physical and psychological landscape. This allows you to (re)-experience physical and emotional imbalances, process them, see what they are about, and then transform them into appropriate life-giving qualities.
  • Exercises and transformation processes that help us towards our desired state of being.
  • Medical lectures, among other things on the blood acid-alkaline balance, oils, nervous system as well as the impact of alkaline food on the body.
  • Checking your pH-value, so you follow your acid-alkaline balance in the body
  • Body SDS basic training every morning that supports and boosts your cleansing both physically and mentally. Your body will be able to release tensions and inappropriate patterns, and the result is a relaxed body into natural balance.
  • 1 Body SDS body treatment that puts even more impetus into purging, adjusting and correcting your body and helps it return to its natural balance.
  • Meridian massage to relieve stress and to balance body and mind
  • You learn to make basic juices, smoothies and soups.

The Journey Within is conducted by Pernille Knudtzon, MD, Consultant, lifestyle guide and Cassandra Marian Larsen, Body SDS Therapist, meditation guide and clairvoyant. By combining the skills of both Pernille and Marian, we have a unique approach to the imbalances in the body and how to (re)create healthy balances.

There is room for 10 participants. Accommodation is in double rooms, few single rooms available.

A medical Personal Health Check before the training is recommended. Get more information.

A collaboration between:

Pernille Knudtzon
Vitafakta Health Clinic
tel.: +34 678 253 510

Cassandra Marian Larsen
Body Buddy
tel.: +45 30 49 93 92


Next retreat:

Part 1.
d. 26-5-2018 til 2-6-2018

Part 2. 
Part 2 are for those who attended Part1

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