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Here is the unique Personal tailor-made Health Program for you based on your Personal Health Profile.

We offer 2-6 -10-14 days training in smaller groups and one-to-one retreats based on your needs and our services.

Based on Alkaline Living – we offer profound cleansing and detox retreats for improving energy, better sleep, regulating weight, balancing hormones, supporting immune defense- and first of all a better version of you.


Special Training – The journey within – cleansing on several levels

This is the training where we go beyond pain, problems, disease and bad unwanted habits that you want to change.

Even if you feel all right, a Personal Service check up and cleansing is recommended. We happily send our cars for a service after a certain amount of kilometers, why not ourselves? In this training you will get a Personal Health Check – on several levels. We offer intensive cleanse and sensitivity/intuition training, where the participants are cleansing both physically and mentally/emotionally by guided meditations. The purpose is to cleanse on a cellular level and improve and strengthen personals skills in getting beyond pain, the “bad”, disease, inappropriate habits and being in contact with your own body, taking care of and finding your own essence.

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