Molino Amici

In beautiful Andalusia in southern Spain, just outside the small picturesque mountain town of Mijas, we have found an oasis of serenity and beauty: Molino Amici is a renovated old watermill overlooking the mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Here are numerous cosy corners where there is room for contemplation and relaxation. Here you have the opportunity to delve into yourself, relax by the pool, or on one of the many small terraces. Finding time for you and taking care of yourself is easy in this beautiful place.

Molino Amici is located on the outskirts of Mijas, 20 minutes drive from Malaga airport. There is ample opportunity for beautiful nature experiences. You can take a walk or hike in the mountains. Molino Amici is the setting for this Intensive Juice Retreat for those who want to cleanse on several levels, both physically and emotionally. You slow down, cleanse from inside-out and return home with renewed vitality, well-being, energy and a healthier and stronger body.


The Intensive Juice Retreat includes:

  • 7 nights in beautiful surroundings, in the old rustic water mill Molino Amici, near mijas. The place itself provides a boost of vigor and energy.
  • Full board with the tastiest, organic, alkalizing vegetables, soups, smoothies and the most delicious freshly made juices that will cleanse your body and give it a well-deserved break. You will receive vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the most bio-available form. You will find that your body becomes lighter and slimmer, your skin clearer and your eyes will be both brighter and more brilliant.
  • Check-up on your live blood under the microscope at the beginning and the end of the week, to give you a picture of your inner health condition, and enable you to see the results of a one-week detox.
  • Medical lectures on body and nutrition, acid-alkaline balance and how we get rid of the waste. You will get practical knowledge about your health and learn how you can optimize this in the future.
  • Check on your pH-value, so you can trace the acid-alkaline-balance in your body
  • Morning meditaions and breathing exercises.
  • Guided meditations help you to get in touch with your inner landscape. The meditations allow you to go deeply into yourself and (re)connect with your body.
  • Daily Body SDS basic training and relaxing exercises that supports and boosts cleansing both physically and emotionally. This enables your body to release tension and unwanted patterns which will result in a relaxed body in natural balance.
  • 1 Body SDS treatment that accelerates cleansing, corrects and adjusts your body and help it return to its natural balance.
  • Meridian massage to relieve stress and to balance body and mind
  • An excursion to the beautiful town of Mijas.

There is room for app. 14 participants. Accommodation is in double rooms.


Welcome to Intensive Juice Retreat!
7 day cleansing dream trip: a colllaboration between

Pernille Knudtzon
Vitafakta Health Clinic
tel.: +34 678 253 510

Cassandra Marian Larsen
Body Buddy
tel.: +45 30 49 93 92


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07-04-2018 to 14-04-2018
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28-10-2018 to 04-11-2018

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