Workshops – Alkaline Living – Back to Basics 4 hours-workshop

Let your food be your medicine – let your medicine be your food (Hippocrates)

LECTURE – listen and get wiser

Which environment do you offer your cells? What is alkaline and energy rich food? Where do we find them? How do we balance our meals? How much vegetables, fruits, meat and fish is recommendable? The importance of the digestive system. Get to know the connection between our immune defense system and our digestive system. How to boost your energy and memory. Why blending and juicing is good. How green food is oxygenating our body.


EXERCISE- Breathe and feel yourself

Use your breathing in the best way. Every cell needs oxygen to function. This is provided by breathing.

Learn a simple and easy technique to oxygenize your cells. Use your breath to control stress, get more energy and to sleep better


MAKE IT – and taste it with pleasure. Inspiration to make organic and nutrient rich food. We go to the kitchen and make delicious smoothies in the super blender, fresh salads of seasonal greens and almond milk. We juice in the slow spiral juicer, which preserves the enzymes and the nutrients. Learn how to serve food in the right proportions to keep the alkalinity right – avoiding over acidifying the body.

Hands-on easy and healthy meals, snacks and desserts, that stimulates your health, improves your immune system and gives you energy.

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