Stay on top of your health ...
Microscopy of Live and Dry Blood gives an indication of the state of your health, and what can be done if necessary to improve it. It is now possible to test the health of your blood and then track its changes until its condition is restored and renewed!
Find the cause of imbalances long before the effects / symptoms develop, such as arthritis, cardiovascular, blood pressure, digestion, over-weight and diabetes.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life ... Seize the day.
So what are you waiting for? Book a health consultation, let us take a microscopy of your bloods, or come and attend a lecture or a workshop to  show you how to make a difference and leave you with a deeper understanding of your body and of how to live a preventive and self-healing lifestyle!
The body as a ‘'Healthy Fishtank’' - a life in balance!
What is the best way to stay healthy? The life of the cells in our bodies can be compared to the life of a fish in a fisktank. The fish enjoy good health, if the water around him contains enough nutrients and water that is free of debris.
Microscopy of Live Blood
Healthy balanced Live Blood
Cells should move freely, be similar in size, shape and colour, have a negative surface tension, in order to repel each other, and maintain the space they need to move independently.
Unhealthy unbalanced Live Blood
Red Blood cells in “cluster formation” and rouleaux formation, serum with fibrin, fermented sugar residues and crystals. Signs of latent tissue acidosis.
At our lectures and workshops you will be able to see examples of Live Blood under a microscope, and also images of other bloods.
Microscopy of Dry Blood / Oxidative Stress test
In Dry Blood Test we are looking for the coagulation pattern of the blood. In a healthy drop of blood there is consistency in the fibrin net – like in a spider web. The coagulation pattern reflects body functions, stress and damage from the attacks of free radicals. “Gaps” in the coagulation can reflect oxidative stress and dysfunction of the organs.
Healthy coagulation pattern
Unhealthy coagulation pattern
Live and Dry Blood Microscopy gives you a hint on where you can address your efforts in order to achieve a better Quality of Life.