Vitafakta Health Clinic launches the year with a “Boost your Bioterrain” program, with tasty alkaline food, nourishing and nutritious juices, infrared sauna, vibration training followed by a profound massage. Visit the clinic and get your individual health program.

I have so much enjoyed my leave in the recent months and have had the pleasure of organizing lectures, workshops and two retreats on the old rustic mill near Mijas. In addition, I have followed up with patients already in a health program. I am still in the process of researching and developing health and various initiatives and will therefore start gently in the first quarter of 2018.

It is no secret that the name of the clinic reflects my approach to disease and health. My heart is for self-healing and prevention. That is why I slowly and surely turn my focus more and more towards lifestyle, prevention and the connection between food, body and mind, ie more health education and training. This takes place as medical health consultations and follow ups, lectures on health, workshops and retreats – I am travelling in health with my base in Spain.

I continue in the clinic with the patient health programs and follow ups. So far, I have been affiliated with various insurance companies as a general practitioner, and this part will be settled during spring 2018, as my focus moves from acute medicine to lifestyle / health medicine and education.

Lectures and workshops are planned for February. Retreats taking place in April, May and June, and I am looking forward to it. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter.

Make a nice and life-giving New Year
Pernille Knudtzon
Vitafakta Health Clinic

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