Changing Minus days to Plus Days

“Changing Minus days to Plus Days” was the headline of an interview with Danish actor and television host Thomas Mygind. Thought-provoking. Perhaps you remember the stories about Winnie-the-Pooh who lived in the hundred acre woods with his friends, Rabbit and Piglet? I have grown up with them, and although the stories were for children, the messages and quotes were for all ages.

“Make Minuses to Plus Days” – said the slogan – but why not to Pooh days?

Too often is it not the challenges we face, but how we deal with them, that make the difference. This is not to judge anyone who doesn’t deal with problems well, due to difficulties or personal circumstance, but it is intended as an inspiration to make a difference to our daily lives.


Find new roads

What does that lovable Pooh bear have to do with health? The foundation for whether we succeed in health, family, business, etc. usually begins in what approach and attitude we have at the outset. What we do, what we say, the way we say it, and how we look, all impact our success rates.
Some people are negative and gloomy and see the negative and downside in every situation, like Eeyore in the Winne the Pooh stories. Eeyore says: “Good morning. If it’s a good morning, I really doubt it!” This is unlike Winnie-the-Pooh, who does not see problems but only exciting challenges. There is always an alternative for Pooh, whereas Eeyore only sees the blind spots. The Human version of Eeyore is basically of the opinion that it is always someone else’s fault.

” Someone pushed me,” said Eeyore when he fell into the water and was convinced he was a victim of a conspiracy. Mygind calls it “chronic polime” – a Latinized abbreviation for poor little me! Pooh’s attitude is completely different. He does not use excuses to apologize why something did not go as planned. He finds new ways. Eeyore asks “why?” and Pooh says “why not?” and “how?”. Here lies the difference that makes the difference!

As in the story where Rabbit, Piglet and Pooh are on the go and are lost in the fog. Rabbit discusses loudly with himself and the others, how they should find their way. They walk for a long time. Finally, they agree to lead individually and Rabbit walks in one direction. Pooh and Piglet are left behind.

After a while, Pooh says that they can go home, to which a surprised Piglet asks: “Do you know the way?” “No,” replies Pooh, “but there are twelve honey pots in my closet and they are calling to me. I could not hear them clearly before, because Rabbit kept talking, but if nobody says anything except the twelve jars, I think I can figure out what they are saying! “. Quietly Pooh and Piglet make their way home.

There are many ways to the “honey pot”, which are about health, vitality and well-being. Often it is all about our attitude to life and the challenges we face. So why not join the challenge and take a test over five days where we adopt Pooh’s attitude? We take on Pooh’s attitude in that whatever happens, we keep thinking how interesting it is! And what would Pooh do right now? And then we come to the challenge: if we just think about or react like Eeyore once in five days, we’ll have five new days!

This means far from being overjoyed and saying yes to everything. The intention is that we are better off listening to our inner “honey pot” and noticing what feels good and true. Here it is good to stop, breathe deeply and stay in touch with ourselves so that we can hear our inner honey pots calls.


This as an inspiration
– try it, and make more “Pooh days” and pay attention to if you can hear the “honey jar” calling you.

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